Values AND Character: Two Pillars of Success

Values that you carry OR you believe in makes your Character. Ever since your childhood you are told to do lot of things by your parents/teachers in school. As you grow up you absorb what is told to you and most importantly you absorb what you feel is good. Habits that you learn, people you follow, all result in Values that you create for yourself. 

A blank sheet that you are when you come to this world, It is of huge importance that you write good things on this paper. Because when you grow up you will follow what you have learnt in your schooling years and the experiences that you go through. Being a part of organization you should imbibe it’s Values because such values are result of the immense experience, learning curve that an organization has gone through. Before you follow or live the company’s values it is important to have your own values. Be it the respect that you give to people irrespective of their position. Without having your own values you would not be able to connect yourself with any Values that you should be following. 

People would only remember you as a person of Values and Character instead of the work that you did. If you look around you would find many people in with the same skills but it is difficult to find people that carry the same values that you do OR a person with your character. You are replaceable but your charater is not. 


First Thing You Should Do For Your Company

Believe me there is not better feeling than to hear ” He is Always on TIME”. By On TIME we mean that you should be at your workplace atleast 10 mins before. Of Course we know that you won’t be able to build a rocket in 10 mins but “you will always start your DAILY work ON TIME.

The simple reason to be early is you are a social person. You would say Hi, Hello, handshake with your colleague, setup your laptop, connect cables or atleast would grab a cup of coffee before you type in the password on your laptop to login. These 10 mins is your UNOFFICIAL time to meet for a casual hello to the team you work with, A Friend that you have’t met in a while even if you are in the same office.   

Being on time in office might not get you a promotion but your seniors would know very this well and you will all ways hear ” He is always ON TIME and is the STAR PERFORMER” if you wreally work that way. 

Love your JOB not your COMPANY, you may never know when your company stops loving YOU….. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

The saying itself explains the the TRUTH.

There are two aspects to the saying in my view. First, you should always love what you do. If you are not loving your work believe me sooner OR later you will be in a position that you will land up in a similar job in another company. And you will be doing the same JOB for another company and you won’t gain anything. Not to think about the reason behind it, this is industry standard. You will be offered the JOB of which you carry a HANDS on experience. No one would give you a job to fly a plane if you have been driving a car.

Secondly, Think on the grounds what is a COMPANY OR an EMPLOYER. A COMPANY is someone who will hire you to do a certain JOB for them on THEIR TERMS. If you love the company and NOT your JOB, you are in ONE SIDED RELATIONSHIP which can only be broken by the EMPLOYER. The simple reason behind it is you would not be able to do the job to their expectation and they can STOP LOVING YOU ANYTIME.

So Love your JOB not your COMPANY, you may never know when your company stops loving YOU…..